Goryo-jinja Shrine 御霊神社

This shrine is near and our family has a close relationship for 300 years fortunately.  Gongoro Kagemasa probably enjoys watching the contest of strength in the past and Enoden trains running through now, from high up in the sky.  Goryo shrine has the old Japanese masks which are registered as the Kamakura cultural heritage.  Each of our Fukumen Manju has the face of them and the Kamakura locals enjoy marching along the street wearing the copy of the masks at the yearly festival.

Hoshi Tsuki no I ( Well of the moon and stars) 星月の井

There is a old water well which is one of the Kamakura Ten-wells.  This is called " Well of the moon and stars".  What we can do now is just imaging those days but we can feel like seeing the old travelers drink water there, take a rest at our store, then keep walking to Goryo shrine and Hasedera Temple.


Beach has been here much longer before any temple, shrine, or store came.  There are many historical episodes related to the Kamakura beach, and now people enjoy beach bathing, walking, marine sports etc.  You can see some fishing boats and fisherman's huts on the beach even now, maybe in the old days also there.


Right after passing Goryo shrine, the roof of Hase temple can be seen in the middle of the hill.  That scenery was probably seen by the old travelers, too.  Then we reach the lively Hase and Yuigahama main streets where the great Buddha, Hase Kannon (Hasedera Temple), Bungaku-kan (museum) welcome visitors.  If you have time, to hike through the mountain paths would be enjoyable, too.

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