Mochi & Manju


  The signature item of CHIKARAMOCHI YA because this is the origin of our family.  Shape and size are similer to Sushi but this is the rice cake half wrapped by Anko (Azuki beans jam).  Both rice cake and Anko are natural and 100% free from any additive.  Therefore, we are asking our customers to eat up on the date of purchase.  They starts loosing the softness when several hours has passed.  Taste is very natural, that means, moderately sweet.  Pieces of Gongoro Chikaramochi are put in a box for sale.



  Gyuhi is also Rice cakes but it is mixed with water and suger.  Although it is also free from artificial additives, Gyuhi can keep its softness longer than Gongoro because of them.  Shape and size are same as Gongoro, but Gyuhi itself has just a little more sweeetness.  Each piece of Gyuhi Chikaramochi is wrapped by a sheet of paper for sale.


  In either case, we hope that you could enjoy CHIKARAMOCHI at home with some tea.  If you go home soon, Gongoro CHIKARAMOCHI is good.  If you walk around for more sightseeing before backing to the room, Gyuhi CHIKARAMOCHI might be better.

Fukumen Manju

  Manju is a kind of wheat pancake filled with the beans paste inside.  This Manju of CHIKARAMOCHI YA is made in the mold of the funny faces.


Prices as of October, 2015

  We make other original sweet so-called Wagashi (Japanese sweet foods).


  Common items such as Senbei ( rice crackers) and candies are also displayed in the showcase for sale.

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